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I use traditional blacksmithing techniques and new technology in contemporary and in innovative ways, seeking beauty in function and making decorative statement through the creative use of structure and essential detail.

    My work ranges from large-scale architectural projects to small-scale decorative and sculptural work, often custom designed to customer requirements. My work is unique, reflecting and finding inspiration from its intended environment. I give extensive attention to detailing so that new facets and aspects wait to be discovered by the viewer.

    I handcraft all work at my forge. My design philosophy requires build quality, fine craftsmanship and attention to detail, resulting in highly durable forms which reflect my belief in the economics of quality.


Past clients include:

Johnson Squared, BC&J Architecture & Planning, Fradkin Fine Construction, Kim McCall Design, Michelle Burgess Design, 2Atara Design & Construction, Clark Construction, Blackbird Bakery, The Ale House, Bainbridge Art Museum, Bainbridge Island Football Club, The City of Seattle, The City of Edmonds, City of Bellevue, King County Housing Authority, City of Kent, Friends of the Farms, and dozens of private clients, including island philanthropists the Brainerds and Kleisners.

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